Frequently Asked Questions

Of Course! You can be provided with a Word Press user name to access the Word Press Dashboard. Even though there are daily back-ups, it is recommended not to edit, unless you are familiar with Word Press. 

Ideally, you would supply any photographs and text content you wish to have displayed on your website. Stock images can be used on a website, but it is always good practice to use your own photos to provide the personal touch! 

I offer hosting with my servers on GoDaddy. If you already have your own server or prefer to have your own server, no problem! 

Timing depends on the size and extent of the project. It is also based on the length of time you will need to gather all important photographs, text content or any other documents needed for the finished product.

Yes. WordPress , Plugins & Themes among others are constantly being updated. It is important to make sure your website stays up to date with them. If you do not, it could result in broken links, plugins not operating the way they should, or worse… leaving your website open for cyber attacks and other vulnerabilities. They also prevent your website from experiencing any down time.