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We understand that an accident can be a traumatic experience for any vehicle owner. This is why we will always assist you with a smile and personal attention. We will handle your claim from start to finish including car rental to make the entire process as easy and painless as possible. Also to ensure that you receive all of the benefits that you are entitled to, our first priority is customer satisfaction. From your first hello to the time your completed vehicle is returned, you are treated with care and understanding. Trust the name, trust the quality, and trust those that have referred us to their family and friends for over 30 years.




Insurance Referral lists and Direct Repair lists: Should I choose the Insurance companies "approved" referral list?

Remember, it is your legal right to choose the shop that repairs your vehicle.


Insurance company referral lists - After you place your claim with your insurance agent or provider, your insurance company may offer you a "Referral list" of collision shops that will repair your vehicle. Don't be fooled - these auto repair facilities have agreed to work for the insurance company on their terms. They are not necessarily looking out for your best interest. These "referral" facilities were developed by the insurance company in order to reduce the cost of their claims and improve insurance company profits. As an educated consumer, you need to ask yourself the question: Do I want to have my vehicle repaired by a referral shop looking out for the insurance company's best interest? Or, should I choose a repair facility that is looking out for my personal interest? Remember, you have the LEGAL RIGHT to choose the auto repair facility of your choice, one that will fight for your rights and stand between you and the insurance company to get your vehicle repaired properly and safely.